Recent 3D printed stuff…

Haven’t had much time to post but I thought I’d just throw up some images and maybe a video of some recent work.

And here is a video of my Kossel printing nice and fast.  Still not sure how fast I can push it but here it is printing at around 70mm / second. Switch video to HD for your best view.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Installed a heated print bed on my Kossel mini

Finally got around to installing the heated print bed on my Kossel mini.  Decided I was going to need to print in ABS at some point so the heated bed would be a must.

Heated Build Plate
Heated Build Plate

After getting the heater installed and calibrated I decided to try a PLA print first on bare glass.

Set the heater to 65c  and I let the glass warm up for a few minutes.  Fired up the print and ended up with this guy who popped right of the glass once things cooled down.

3D printed little brown owl.
3D printed little brown owl.


Still gotta figure out how I’m going to add a cooling fan for the print that won’t cool the bed too much but that is a project for another day.


The wireless sensor network

A while back I decided I wanted to wire my house with sensors as a bit of a geek challenge.  After a bit of work and some refinements I put something together with Arduinos, NRF24l01 radios and some imagination.

Here is the result.

Home Sensor Network
Home Sensor Network

The image links to the live page, updated once per second with all the juicy data from the temperature sensors, humidity sensors, barometric pressure sensors, voltage, power etc.

Check it out and leave a comment if you want more details on how it’s all done.

Blog Reboot

Finally got around to getting rid of the old blog and replacing it with a fresh start.

I plan to post various things of interest involving projects I’m working on or other interesting things.

Most recently I’ve built a 3D printer and I’m having all sorts of fun with it.